Functions of the RANLOX door locking system

On this page we would like to introduce you to all the functions of our cloud-based, electronic door locking system.

The highlights of our electronic locking system

Door opening via PIN, RFID card, transponder, link and web app
Validity periods for access authorizations can be defined down to the second
Real-time synchronization of access authorizations and protocols
Cloud: Worldwide administration via the Internet from PC, tablet and mobile phone
Remote opening of doors with one click via PC, tablet and mobile phone
No PC or server required on site
No battery change necessary, thanks to the permanent power supply
LED backlight of the keypad
100% developed and operated in Germany

Door opening: more flexible and easy than ever ...

Door opening via PIN code

Create a temporary PIN code in the cloud for a selection of doors in your building and share this PIN with someone via email, SMS, phone or Whatsapp. As soon as the pin has been created online, it is immediately valid and can be used directly to open the selected doors. You can define the digits and length of each PIN code yourself, including the star and hash keys. The validity period can be set to the second for each pin code. If you edit the PIN code online and modify the door selection or the validity period, the changes are transferred to all door fittings in real time, whereby the PIN code itself remains identical.

Door opening via RFID media (card, chip, key fob)

RFID media are ideal as an access medium for you as the owner, your employees or long-term guests in your accommodation. Simply create a new RFID medium in the cloud and select the desired validity period and the doors to be opened. Then initialize the RFID medium with the RANLOX desktop reader or any door fitting in your accommodation. If you change the access authorization of an RFID medium with regard to the validity period or doors in the RANLOX Cloud, the changes take effect immediately in the entire accommodation without you having to replay the RFID medium. If an RFID medium is lost, that is not a problem at all. Simply lock the medium in the RANLOX cloud and the lost medium will no longer be able to open a door to your accommodation.

Door opening via online link

In the RANLOX Cloud you can also generate a link to open a selection of doors, which you can then send to your guests by email, SMS or Whatsapp. If the guest clicks on the link, a website opens with buttons for opening the doors assigned to him. The guest can then open the respective door contactlessly with just one click. The guest does not have to install an app on their mobile phone or register anywhere, so that this function can also be used by corporate customers without any problems. This feature can optionally be limited to your local WLAN, so that the guest can only open the door if they are logged into the WLAN of your accommodation.

Remote opening via RANLOX Cloud

As the owner, you can also open all the doors of your accommodation directly with one click from the RANLOX Cloud and that worldwide with PC, tablet and mobile phone (internet required). This allows you to quickly and easily grant guests who have locked themselves out or, for example, tradespeople standing in front of a locked door.

RANLOX: More comfort for you and your guests

Worldwide administration via the cloud

Thanks to the RANLOX Cloud, you can manage and control your door locking system from anywhere in the world with your PC, tablet or mobile phone (internet connection required). Regardless of whether you want to create or change a PIN code from home or block an RFID medium while on the move - with the RANLOX Cloud everything is done with just a few clicks. The user interface of the cloud has been optimized for use with PC, tablet and mobile phone so that all functions can be easily used from any device.

Continuous power instead of empty batteries

Our door fittings work with a 5V permanent power supply, which means that the installation is a little more complex compared to battery-operated door fittings, but your guests never stand in front of a locked door because the battery in your door fitting is empty. And if you think that you have no power supply at your door: Our fitters only need a light switch or a socket located in the immediate vicinity of the door to install our door fittings. Ask yourself the following question: Have I ever entered a room where there was no light switch next to the door?

Suitable for extreme weather conditions

Our door fittings can be used both indoors and outdoors. Temperatures of up to -25 degrees as well as rain and snow cannot harm our door fittings.

No PC or server required on site

Many door locking systems require a continuously running PC or server, which must be located in your accommodation. This is not only bad for the environment, but can also lead to malfunction of the door locking system if the PC / server fails due to a software or hardware defect. Our door fittings communicate with the RANLOX Cloud via WLAN, ie only a standard WLAN router (e.g. a Fritzbox) is required on site. If there are problems in the cloud, our technicians will be informed immediately, who will fix the problem immediately.

LED backlight

The digits of the PIN keypad of our RANLOX door fittings are equipped with LED backlighting so that your guests can easily open the door even in the dark.

Internet failure? No problem.

Our door fittings synchronize automatically with the RANLOX cloud at regular intervals and save the access authorizations in encrypted form on the fitting so that the door can still be opened by authorized persons, even if your internet should fail.

If you would like to find out more about our door locking system, we would be happy to present our system to you as part of a free, 30-minute online presentation in which we will answer all of your open questions. Alternatively, we would be happy to present our door locking system to you by appointment in our reference property at Memmingen Airport.

Of course, we are always available to answer your questions by email at or by phone at +49 (0) 8331 / 785 180. We are looking forward to your message.