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Here you will find answers to the most common questions

General questions about the door locking system

Are there government subsidies or grants for the system?
Yes, there are currently numerous funding opportunities for investments in the digitization of your accommodation or your building and thus also for the purchase of an innovative door locking system. We would be happy to present you a small selection:

For further funding options, simply ask your corporate advisor and / or tax advisor.
Which requirements must be met so that the system can be used?
In general, a WLAN including an internet connection is required. A power connection near the doors is required to supply power to the door fittings (light switch or socket is sufficient).
Is hardware required on site?
Our door fittings only need an existing WLAN with internet connection, e.g. that of a commercially available Fritzbox. Otherwise no servers or PCs are required on site.
What door opening options does the system offer?
Our system enables your doors to be opened via PIN code, RFID media, online links and a click in the cloud software.
How secure is the door locking system?
When developing the door locking system, we paid attention to a strong security concept. The communication between the door fittings and the cloud, for example, always takes place in double-encrypted form so that sensitive data cannot be accessed by third parties. The door fittings themselves also save all access authorizations exclusively in encrypted form, so that they cannot be read from there either. In addition to encryption, we have integrated numerous other security mechanisms into our system so that you do not have to worry about security.
Can the door locking system be controlled or managed with a mobile phone while out and about?
Yes absolutely. You can control the system from anywhere in the world with a PC, tablet and mobile phone or manage its access authorizations and access media (internet required).
What happens in the event of an internet failure?
Our door fittings retrieve the current access authorizations from the cloud at regular intervals and save them offline in encrypted form so that existing access authorizations continue to work even in the event of an internet failure. Only changes made in the cloud during the internet failure will only take effect on the door fittings when the internet is working again.
Which systems can be connected to the door locking system?
Thanks to the open API interface, all external systems (from hotel software to building management tools) can generally be connected to RANLOX.
Can the door locking system also be used without connected third-party software (e.g. hotel software)?
Naturally. Our door locking system can be used completely without third-party software.

Questions about the door fittings

Can the fittings also be used outdoors?
This is not a problem. Our door fittings can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees as well as sun, snow and continuous rain.
Are the numbers in the pin field backlit?
Yes. So that the PIN can be entered quickly and easily at dusk or at night, we equip our door fittings with blue LED backlighting.
Do batteries need to be changed, and if so, how often?
No, because our system is plugged directly into the mains, our system does not require changing batteries, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Questions about opening with PIN codes

Do pin codes have to be activated with an activation code the first time they are opened?
In contrast to other door locking systems, with our system a PIN code can be used immediately on the corresponding doors without activation.
Does the input of a pin code have to be confirmed with a certain key?
With many door locking systems, the entry of the PIN code must be confirmed with another key (e.g. hash) so that the door opens. This input confirmation with an additional key is possible with us, but not necessary. We let you decide what you like better.
Can you choose the digits and length of a pin code yourself?
That is also possible with us. When creating a PIN code, you can decide yourself on the digits and the length of the PIN code (2 to 20 characters). For example, you can assign PIN 1234 to person 1 and PIN 234567890 # to person 2.
Does a pin code change if the door selection is changed or the validity period is extended or shortened?
No, our PIN codes remain the same when the authorized doors and the validity period are changed, so that the guest or employee does not have to remember a new PIN code.
How many pin codes can be stored on a door fitting at the same time?
Each door fitting can store up to 150 access media at the same time. An access medium is a PIN code or an RFID medium. This means, for example, that 150 different PIN codes or 100 PIN codes and 50 RFID media can be saved.
How long does it take until a PIN code that was created in the cloud can be used on the door fitting on site?
The PIN is sent to the door fitting immediately after it has been created, so that it can be used on the door fitting within a few seconds.
How precisely can the validity period of a pin code be set?
For each PIN code, you can specify a start and end time that is precise to the second. Example: The PIN code 1234 is valid from 01.01.2021 10:04:03 to 31.12.2021 09:17:52.
Can PIN codes be blocked quickly and easily?
Yes, just a few clicks in our cloud are enough, the PIN codes are already invalid within a few seconds and can no longer be opened to open the doors.

Questions about opening with RFID media

What types of RFID media are there?
RFID media come in many different shapes and colors, the most popular being the RFID card and the RFID key fob, but there are also RFID wristbands and RFID stickers that you can apply to the back of a cell phone, for example.
What are the advantages of an RFID locking system compared to a conventional locking system with keys?
The advantages of an RFID locking system are particularly evident when you want to change or block the access authorization for a person. With a conventional locking system, in the worst-case scenario, this means replacing all locks. With an RFID locking system, you simply change or block the corresponding RFID media in our cloud. Finished.
How can RFID media be created?
You can create RFID media with just a few clicks via the cloud and use our desktop reader or any door fitting in your accommodation. It is then ready for immediate use.
How can I edit the validity or the doors to be opened for an RFID medium?
You can adjust the validity period and / or the door selection of an existing RFID medium with just a few clicks in our cloud, whereby the changes are automatically transferred to all door fittings and the RFID medium does NOT have to be replayed.
What happens if an RFID medium is lost?
In contrast to the loss of a key, the loss of an RFID medium is not critical. Simply deactivate the lost RFID medium in the cloud and the person who finds the RFID medium will no longer be able to open a door.
How many RFID media can be created in the system?
You can create as many RFID media as you want in the system, it just has to be noted that each door fitting can store a maximum of 150 access media (PINs and RFIDs).
Can an active RFID medium be blocked or deactivated?
You can deactivate RFID media at any time with just a few clicks via the RANLOX Cloud, which means that the owner of the RFID medium no longer has access to the corresponding doors a few seconds later. Of course, you can cancel this lock at any time or permanently delete the RFID medium.

Questions about opening via link

How does the opening via link work?
In our cloud, you can create a link at any time to open selected doors for a specific period of validity and then send it to the person you want to grant access by email, SMS or WhatsApp. If this person opens the link outside of the validity period, only an error message appears. However, if the link is accessed within the validity period, a list of doors appears that can be opened with this link. If one of these doors is clicked, it will open. During their stay, a hotel guest can, for example, open the entrance door, their room door and possibly the door to the fitness room directly with their mobile phone at any time - without having to install an app or register. Optionally, this opening option can be restricted to the local WLAN of your property, ie a hotel guest can only open the doors, for example, when they are in your accommodation.
How long are the opening links valid?
When creating or editing a link, you can specify a start and end date to the second for the link to be valid. If the link is accessed outside of the validity range, a message appears and the doors cannot be seen or opened.
Can the opening be completely deactivated via a link in the system?
Yes, that is possible. If you do not want to use the link opening, you can deactivate it at any time with just a few clicks. In this case, all existing links will automatically become invalid.
Does the system also offer opening via mobile phone app?
We offer a Progressive Web App (PWA), which is just a website, but it can be placed on the start screen of the mobile phone and behaves like a normal mobile phone app when it is opened and operated. The app does not have to be downloaded from the Play or App Store, but can be opened directly via a link. This means that the PWA can also be used by corporate customers without any problems.

Questions about the RANLOX Cloud

What is the RANLOX Cloud?
The RANLOX TSS Cloud is the cloud-based software for managing and controlling your door locking system. You can access these at any time from home or on the go via the Internet with your PC, tablet and mobile phone.
How many users can be created?
You can create as many users as you want.
Can authorizations be defined for the individual users?
Yes, you can define exactly for each user which actions they can view, write and / or perform in the cloud.
Is training required and if so, what does it cost and how long does it take?
In general, we do not need any training, as the user interface of our system is very easy to use and largely self-explanatory. If you wish, you will receive a free 30-minute briefing in our system after purchase. If you have any questions during operation, our support staff are of course available at any time by email and phone.
Is there an open API interface?
Yes, we offer an open API interface for the door locking system so that external systems can also integrate RANLOX. We will be happy to send our customers an interface description if they are interested. For a surcharge, we would also be happy to develop individual interfaces to your systems for you.
What about backups?
Our cloud automatically saves your data once a day encrypted on three different servers in Germany, so that you can relax and lean back when it comes to backup.
What about updates?
We are constantly developing our TSS Cloud and equipping it with new, innovative functions. All further developments are made available to all customers at no additional cost - and without having to reinstall anything. It couldn't be more convenient?
What happens in the event of errors, failures or malfunctions?
First of all, we would like to assure you that our cloud is located on a reliable and powerful server in a secure data center in Germany and that our infrastructure is looked after by technicians around the clock. In the event of a failure or malfunction, the technicians are notified around the clock and fix the problem as quickly as possible. It should be noted that our door fittings continue to work even during a fault in the cloud.

If you need technical support regarding our door locking system, our customers are welcome to contact us free of charge by email and phone. We like to help you.

Questions about ordering, delivery, installation and commissioning

How is the order process?
If you are interested in our innovative door locking system, we would be happy to make you a free offer. Then we need some information and photos from you about your doors and the surrounding walls so that we can evaluate whether our system can be installed on your premises or not. As soon as we have clarified all open questions with you, we will send you an order confirmation and invoice with the request for a deposit of 50%. After receipt of the deposit in our account, we will order the fittings for you and start setting up the RANLOX Cloud. After 4 to 12 weeks, we will send the door fittings to you by post and will be happy to assemble them (on request) on site.
What are the delivery times?
The delivery time for our door locking system is currently between 4 and 12 weeks.
Who will install the door fittings?
The door fittings can either be installed by our experienced staff or by an electrician in your area. On request, we would be happy to make you an offer for installation by one of our employees.
Are the door fittings installed on the door leaf or next to the door?
The door fittings are mounted on the wall next to the door so that we do not have to drill into or damage your doors.
How does the commissioning work?
Our door fittings are configured for your property by our employees before delivery so that they are ready for use immediately after delivery and assembly.